The present privacy policy is enlists and explains the practices adopted by dealing with and handling the information, etc collected by it during the course of its users and/or third parties dealing with the website and the mobile application managed by it.

M/s Bijliride Private Limited encourages its users to read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy in order to be fully informed with respect to its rights and obligations while dealing with the present website and the mobile application. Information is being is obtained by the M/s Bijliride Private Limited and its affiliates in furtherance of the services offered by it through the mobile application and the website.

Each and every clause of the present privacy policy and the terms and conditions are applicable and binding on all the visitors/parties utilizing the services and/or those who visit the mobile application and/or the website of the company.

This Privacy Policy must be read along with the Terms and Conditions, available at The Terms of Use is the contract that allows you to access the services and content of your choice from us.

It is explicitly agreed by the user / visitor that it agrees with the terms and conditions as provided at and the privacy policy herein. The company urges the visitor and the users that in the event the customer does not agree with the terms and conditions or the privacy policy, the users and the visitors are urged to not to visit the mobile application and the website of the company and/or the services rendered by it through the said platforms. In case of any concern and/or disagreement, the user/visitor can contact the company by visiting the “Contact Us” Section as provided in the website and the mobile application. However, the company reserves its rights to address any concerns raised by the user/visitor.

We have a customer support team that will address your grievances and you may reach out at [email protected]. For data related issues, users can contact our IT Head/Security officer at: [email protected] Users can also contact our respective Grievance Officer for any kind of grievance related to the content, features, offers, subscription and/or payment related queries. Our Grievance Officer can be reached at: [email protected].

In the event any user/visitor raises any concerns with respect to the terms and conditions, privacy policy or any services rendered by it, including with respect to collection of information and if the user/visitor proceeds to access the services on the mobile application and the website in spite of raising any claims/concerns/ complaints, it is deemed that the visitor/company is agreeable with the present terms and conditions and the privacy policy and the services rendered by it through the platforms. The company reserves its rights to address any concern/complaint raised by the complainant and make any changes at its sole discretion to the terms, conditions, privacy policy and/or any other services rendered by the company. Irrespective of such resolution of the complaint, the complainant is bound by the terms, conditions, privacy policy and/or any other conditions imposed by the company.


It is mandatory that the visitors accessing the services provided by the company are of the requisite age as required by the laws of the local jurisdiction wherein such services are being obtained by the visitor. It is further deemed that the users accessing the services and if underage are utilizing the said content only under the supervision and approval of their parents and/or legal guardian.

We request you to review the Privacy Policy from time-to-time. If you continue to use the Services after any Privacy Policy amendments, it is deemed that you have granted your acceptance of such revisions in the privacy Policy. The company at all times retains an unfettered right to deny or suspend access to all, or any part of its service to anyone who the company reasonably believes has violated any provision of this Privacy Policy.

Please Note that the following information would be collected by the company as a part of rendition of services from the visitors/user:

The contact information such as name, date of birth, email ID, phone number, social media information as provided to us and their respective Log-in Ids and/or any other incidental information which may be provided by you in furtherance of the your utilization of the services.

It is declared and informed to the visitor that certain information is collected when the visitor/user visits and uses the services as rendered by the company. The following is such information:

The device information of the customer/visitor, the log information, the hardware and the model of the device used, Log information, kind, type and version of the operating system, unique device identifiers, mobile network information, including the geographical location information, usage information any other incidental information.

The details of the Aadhar card, Government issued Driving License, subscription details of the visitor/user, Plan of Subscription, Date of Subscription, End date of Subscription, mode and method of payment method opted by the user and/or any other incidental information, The API information (the open API Date collected), demographic information and/or other information collected for all the affiliates and/or partners and/or providers.

Further, information such as previous ride information, distance travelled, places visited earlier, amount of time spent on the ride, third party marketing agencies and consultancies: Information regarding potential subscribers, type of preferred destination, etc , information collected from third parties (Third party information/ data) are collected automatically by the company in furtherance of the process of rendition of services.

It is explicitly informed to the visitors/user that certain financial information when shared by such visitor may be collected, either by the company itself and/or by third party payment gateways, including information such as debit and credit card details and/or any other information regarding registration and/or usage of online mode of other payments. In the event the visitors have any objection with respect to such usage and collection of payment information, the user is advised to not to proceed with providing such details to the company.

The user is informed that the information collected will be used by the company for the purposes of providing a micro- mobility services and allied services as rendered by the company to the user; strictly for the purposes of business of the company and/or its affiliates and the same shall not be shared with any third parties except as provided herein and the terms and conditions; to reach out and inform he users and/or prospective users vide messages, push notifications, SMS, whatsapp and/or other mode of messages and passing of information; to comply with the applicable laws, rules, regulations, by-laws, notifications, etc; for verification, upkeep and safety of account and the website/mobile application and to rule out any violations/fraud, etc; to enhance the rendition of services to the users; offer and provide information / services / products / advertisements to the users based on the information provided.

The company does not share the collected information with any third party for any purposes other than those provided above. At the same time, the company may disclose information such as

Users data will be used by the marketing team such as emails, in-app, etc;

User ID and personal data of users will be used by the customer support team to address any issues raised by the users or preventive mechanism,

usage of financial data/transaction data by the analytics and financial teams;

analysis of user data. IP address, location data and the related data by various teams for enhancement of services to the users; (v) to third party IT software as service provider who shall have relevant access to information; (vi) Third-party payment gateways and other payment service providers will be able to access the necessary financial details of the users; (vii) any of the information shall be shared for all legal purposes by the company to its legal counsels, consultants, etc, including for compliances with any laws, investigations, etc and to similar persons (that includes the company members as well as third party service providers) to achieve the above-stated purposes:

The company and the third parties obtaining your information and retain your information in a manner so as to identify and keep information only for the time period necessary for fulfilling the purposes mentioned under this Policy and/or for compliance with any laws and regulations.

The following are the rights which the user shall have:


You can always choose not to provide the requested information to us, even though it may result you in not availing certain features as provided by the company and its affiliates.

You may access information that the company holds and raise any request for rectifying, modifying or deleting personal information by raising a request to our customer support/grievance officer, with the necessary contact details provided above. The company shall make efforts to make such modification and/or corrections.

If you think that any of your personal information that we hold is inappropriate/ incorrect/inaccurate or delete the same, and you want us to rectify the same, you can approach us or reach us out at [email protected]

You may add further information and/or edit the information provided by you.

If you want to withdraw your consent or raise any objection to the use of your information for receiving any direct marketing information to which you previously opted-in, you can do so by unsubscribing to such direct marketing by contacting our customer support at above mentioned addresses. If you withdraw/object your consent, our use of your information before you withdrawal shall be valid and binding upon you.

It is declared that the company as well as third parties obtaining information are committed to ensuring that the personal information is protected and secure with the company. In order to prevent unauthorized access or divulgence of your personal information, we, as well as third parties obtaining your information, have put in place suitable technical and organizational measures to safeguard and secure the personal information: the following are a few measures:


The company performs periodical “Data Protection Impact Assessment” to identify risks to user information and “Data Protection Compliance Reviews” to ensure those risks are addressed.

Compliances in accordance with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations as required under the jurisdiction of the country wherein the company is registered.

Encryption of information in the form by Secure Server Software (SSL) before it is sent to the company and other third parties.

Place safeguards against phishing, theft, etc. The company does not disclose and give details of credit card, or debit card, PIN in a non-secure, or unsolicited e-mail, or telephone communication.

The company uses the support services of third-party platforms and/or companies to direct you to payment gateways when you opt to pay for our Services. Your financial information is collected, stored and retained by such third-party platforms as per the terms and policies of such third parties. We and such third-party platforms undertake measures designed to provide a security level that is appropriate to the risks of processing your personal information. You are therefore mandatorily required to check and consent to the “Privacy Policy” of such third-party platforms in order to accept how such third-party platforms handle your information.

That in the event the user/customer has any grievance, they can reach out to the company vide [email protected]. The company does not and shall not resort to resolve any issue and/or grievance raised by the user/subscriber which deals with any issues pertaining to third parties and/or other entities.

In the event of any grievance and/or dispute that may be raised by the user/ subscriber against the company and/or affiliates and/or third parties relating to the services rendered by the company and/or affiliates and/or third parties, the same shall be raised within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in HYDERABAD only. No other court shall have jurisdiction on any issues arising out of and under the services provided by the company and/or its affiliates and/or third parties relating the present services.

The user undertakes and declares that he has read all the terms and conditions, legal disclaimers, the present privacy policy and/or any other disclaimers, information, etc provided by the company with respect to the services rendered by it through the website and the mobile application.