This is a contractual agreement between Bijliride Private Ltd. and user (that is, you/ yourself).


Rental Duration

Our rental system is based on calendar days. If you pick up your bike Monday at 9 AM and bring it back Tuesday at 2 PM that is considered a two-day rental. In order to be considered as a 1-day rental, bikes must be picked up and returned the same day.

In case of monthly plans, 30 days will be considered for rental from the hour it is picked.



If you have requested delivery of your bike(s) we will require both a street address and phone number. This information should be supplied not less than one week prior to delivery. To minimize the possibility of problems with the delivery and to ensure your bike (s) is delivered where and when you expect it, we strongly recommend that you phone us one or two days before the delivery date to finalize and confirm the delivery time and location.


Insurance Liability

Renters are responsible for any damage to the bikes (excluding minor nicks or scratches). Renters are liable for the full replacement cost of the bike be lost or stolen. In the unfortunate event of a stolen bike, it is your responsibility to report this to the police. Please provide a copy of the declaration given at the police station to us.


Repairs or Problems During Your Rental

We provide bikes that are in good working order however, notwithstanding our high standards of maintenance, occasional mechanical problems may occur.  We will endeavour to assist you as quickly as possible.  If you should have a problem, please contact us and describe the problem and, in the case that we cannot send one of our mechanics to repair or replace the bike, we will assist you in finding one of the shops we work with so that they can repair the bike, subject to the usual exigencies of working hours, weekends and the like.   Assuming you have secured our prior consent, you will be reimbursed the costs of repair when the bike is returned.  All provisions of this paragraph remain subject to the further and other provisions of these terms and conditions.

We will correct any problems that are not a result of accident or misuse without cost and get you back on the road as soon as possible. If repairs cannot be made quickly a replacement bike will be provided. Assuming you have secured our prior consent, you will be reimbursed the costs of repair when the bike is returned.



Bijliride Private Ltd. offers its users the reservation and shared leasing service per month of the Vehicles, within the Service Zone, subject to the availability of the Vehicles and the subscription by the User of the corresponding Vehicle Lease in particular, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions with its annexes, as well as services associated with said Lease aimed at favouring the User experience, in the field of mobility (the “Service”).

For any purpose other than leasing and for which purpose was originally hired by user. Bijliride vehicle must not be used or taken outside its designated city areas or dropped off anywhere other than Bijliride pick up and drop off locations. User need to drop up vehicle at the pickup location from where he picked the vehicle. Drop off location must be same as pickup location. Failure to comply with terms and conditions will be immediately terminated and no future service will be to avail him/ her. Additionally, user will be solely liable for any lose, damage (direct/ indirect), associated costs or any charges incurred by Bijliride resulting violating terms and conditions of the Bijliride agreement and rider will be required to fully indemnify Bijliride. Bijliride expressly asserts that its Services are not solicited nor intend to be solicited to people under the age of 18 or not complying with catch’s terms and conditions with valid KYC documents and so forth.


User Registration

The use of the Service is conditioned to the previous registration by the User on the platform, as well as to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and to the delivery of the corresponding documentation to the Company, whenever it requires it and for the reservation and use of each Vehicle, acceptance of the terms of the corresponding Lease.

In order to register as a Service User, the User must meet the following requirements:

(i) Be of legal age (18 years).

(ii) Provide all personal data that is required by the user during the registration procedure as a User

(iii) Have a Indian national identity document (Passport, Aadhar) or other valid document

(iv) Have a valid driver’s license for each type of Vehicle that is rented in each case.

For these purposes, for the use and rental of motorcycles, those Users who have authorized to drive 2 wheelers.

(*) Driving licenses issued outside the India must be validated in each case for which the Company may claim the documentation or accreditation it deems necessary for each case.

(v) Have a payment method accepted by the Company associated with its person (that is, only those payment methods in which the holder agrees with the User will be accepted as valid payment methods).

In case of loss or withdrawal of the driving license, the right to drive the Vehicle and to make Leases will be immediately suspended during the period of loss or withdrawal of the permit, for those types of vehicles that such a permit is necessary. Users must immediately inform the Company of the suspension or limitation of their right to drive, of the effectiveness of any driving prohibition or of the temporary withdrawal or retention of their driving license. Users must validate their permits once they have been renewed or recovered after their withdrawal.

The User guarantees that the personal data provided is true and is responsible for communicating any changes in them. The User will be solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage or loss that could be caused to Bijliride Private Ltd. or any third party due to the completion of the forms with false, inaccurate, incomplete or unauthorized data.

Bijliride Private Ltd. reserves the right to refuse the registration of a user if it considers it to observe any anomaly in the registration or any circumstance that does not comply with the principles of Bijliride Private Ltd’s internal policy.


Vehicle Leasing Process

In order to rent and use a Vehicle, the User must:

(i) Have completed your previous registration as a Service User and keep it in force;

(ii) Have been validated by the Company, in accordance with the requirements indicated as above

(iii) Have chosen a form of payment accepted by the Company in the Service and have entered the corresponding data;

(iv) Download and keep the Application installed on your compatible mobile device; in no case will the Company be responsible for the compatibility between the application and the User’s device.

(v) Request a Vehicle Lease through the Application, accepting the Price Policy in force at that time;

(vi) Carry the valid and valid driver’s license with you during the term of the Vehicle Lease, whenever it is necessary to drive the type of leased vehicle.

Only Users may use Vehicles and subscribe the corresponding Lease. Only Vehicles identified as available can be leased at the time the User intends to make a Lease.

The Company may reject the reservation if the selected Vehicle is not available to meet the reservation request for any reason. The reservation of a Vehicle shall be deemed confirmed when the Company communicates it to the User by means of a notification through the Application [and / or by sending a confirmation of its reservation by email or SMS].

The duration of the Lease of a Vehicle will be shown in the Application during the period of use of the Vehicle by the User, as well as its cost. At the same time that the User finishes the corresponding Lease, the User can see on the application screen a final summary of the cost and total time of the Leased itemized.

Termination of the contractual relationship

The contractual relationship between the User and the Company has an indefinite duration from the acceptance of its registration.

The User may unsubscribe from the Service at any time through the Application and / or the User Support Service. When you unsubscribe,

(i) The User will no longer be considered as such,

(ii) Access to the Service will be deactivated and

(iii) The contractual relationship derived from these Terms and Conditions will cease to have effects and validity (except for those Clauses that can be deduced that have effects even after the end of the contract).

The Company may terminate or suspend the validity of the contractual relationship in cases where these Terms and Conditions are breached by the User. In such cases, the Company may choose between:

(i) Give a period of ten calendar days to remedy said breach or

(ii) Proceed to the automatic resolution of the Service provided with notification to the User via email and / or SMS, without prejudice to compensation for the damages caused by the User, as well as to raise the claims actions that he considers pertinent.

By way of example and not limitation, the behaviours described below will be considered breaches of these Terms and Conditions:

(i) Non-payment of the User for the Services provided by the Company.

(ii) The User does not meet the requirements for hiring and using the Service (minimum age, current driving licenses, among others).

(iii) Failure by the User to notify the Company of the suspension, revocation or withdrawal of his driving license or any other circumstance that affects the validity of said driving license.

(iv) The use of false documents or – in any case – not corresponding to the User at the time of registration to the Service.

(v) The making of multiple reservations of one or more Vehicles without starting the Lease.

(vi) Failure to pay the possible penalties applied by the Company, in accordance with the current Price Policy.

(vii) Park the Vehicle at the end of the Lease outside the Service Zone or in breach of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

(viii) Dirt or leave the vehicle in poor condition.

(ix) Use the Service under the influence of drugs, alcohol or psychotropic substances.

(x) Make improper or fraudulent use of the User Application or in any way infringe the intellectual property rights of the same that correspond to the Company.

(xi) Allow the Vehicle to be driven by a third party other than the User who made the reservation.

(xii) Park in private spaces or areas other than that specifically designated for the parking service of two-wheelers on public roads.

(xiii) The facilitation or intentional or negligent commission by the User of theft, theft and \ or acts of vandalism in relation to the Vehicle.

(xiv) Not notify or send the pertinent documentation to the Company in case of an accident with the Vehicle during the use of the Service.

(xv) Use the Vehicle for purposes not permitted by applicable rules or laws or by these Terms and Conditions.

(xvi) If applicable, any breach of the Terms and Conditions.


 Location Devices

In order to conserve, protect, detect, prevent crimes and analyse the performance of the Vehicle, the Company will use electronic devices that allow monitoring the condition and operation of the Vehicle and follow its movements at all times.

This information may be used by the Company for the purpose of analysing and validating the proper use of the Service by the User, as well as the performance of the Vehicle.

The collection and use of such information will be treated in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. By which, the User is expressly informed about the use of said electronic devices by the Company and about the treatment that the Company will carry out of the information collected through them.

User Service / Claims Service

In case of doubt about these Terms and Conditions, the Service or for any claim, the User may contact the Company through the Company’s Customer Service Centre, sending an e-mail to [email protected] or by calling the number +919040822865 within the service hours.

Validity of clauses

In the event that one or more of the Clauses of these Terms and Conditions are declared invalid or void, this will not affect the validity of the remaining ones. In this case, the parties undertake to complete the resulting spaces in accordance with the spirit and presumed will of the contracting parties and to replace the invalid clauses with valid ones that are as close as possible to the invalid ones in the economic and non-material sense. .


Right of withdrawal

Users have the right to withdraw from the hiring and registration process as a Registered User (and, in the least, of these Terms and Conditions), within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of their subscription, provided they have not proceeded to perform any Vehicle Lease. Leases may not be withdrawn or cancelled by the User once they have been confirmed by the Company, in accordance with the provisions of the regulations in defence of the rights of consumers and users. Therefore, the formalization of a first Lease will mean for the User the loss of the said right of withdrawal.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the User must contact the Company by means of the unsubscribe button on the website, telephone call to the Customer Service Centre or by sending by email the withdrawal form included at the end of these Terms and Conditions, informing about your decision to withdraw from this contract by unequivocal declaration.





  1. Damages and Penalties



front light

₹ 500

Rear headlight

₹ 500

Handlebar trim

₹ 200


₹ 200

Front fender

₹ 200

Rear fender

₹ 200

Right brake lever

₹ 100

Left brake lever

₹ 100

Left mirror

₹ 200

Right rearview

₹ 200

Center stand

₹ 500

License plate and light rear support

₹ 500

Broken or missing license plate

₹ 1000


₹ 2000


₹ 50000


₹ 30000

Trunk button

₹ 500


₹ 1000

Leg cover blanket

₹ 500

Top case cover

₹ 500

Painted swing arm

₹ 1500

Front disc

₹ 1500

Rear disc

₹ 1500

Front brake caliper

₹ 1500

Rear brake caliper

₹ 1500


₹ 500

Headlight bulb

₹ 250


₹ 500

Flashing set

₹ 150

Front flashing light

₹ 500

Rear flashing light

₹ 500

Left light control

₹ 500

Right light control

₹ 500

License plate light

₹ 500

Right / left front suspension bar

₹ 1000


₹ 1500

Full seat

₹ 2000

Passenger seat

₹ 2000

Lateral catadrioptic

₹ 200

Leg saver

₹ 500

Front shield

₹ 1500

Internal front cover

₹ 500

Bag hook

₹ 100

Bottom Keel Cap

₹ 300

Front rim

₹ 500

Front tire

₹ 3000

Rear tire

₹ 15000

Lost motorcycle documents

₹ 500

Broken or lost helmet

₹ 1000

Footrest passenger

₹ 200

Seat lock

₹ 500


₹ 500

Steering bearings

₹ 200

Mobile support

₹ 400

Engine cover ring

₹ 500


₹ 50000

Realign chassis

₹ 30000

Realign chassis

₹ 30000


₹ 500

Right side cover

₹ 500

Left side cover

₹ 500

Throttle assembly

₹ 1500

Front / rear brake pump

₹ 500

Led headlight bracket

₹ 200

Rocker cover

₹ 200


*Anything not listed will be deducted as per Vehicle Company’s original part price. The amounts related in the previous table will be added labour, valued at ₹ 200 / h.



Please do read the entire Terms and Conditions, Fee Policy and Privacy Policy.

*Member should alone be the driver of the vehicle.

*Member should have a valid driving license.

*Member should not be under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs while driving.

*Member and pillion rider should always wear helmets.

*Member have read the pricing chart and fee policy and agrees to the same.

*Member is responsible completely for damages, accident costs, scratches, traffic violations and any other government penalties during time of hire as per Fee Policy.

*We are open from morning to night.

*Timings vary across pickup sites.



I have read all the Terms and Conditions set forth in the Members Agreement here

I hereby agree to all the Terms and Conditions put forth by Bijliride Private. Limited.